Festival plan [Resurrection]‼

Nippon Television Variety “Itte Q to the End of the World!” ] (Every Sunday at 8:00 pm), it was revealed that the “festival plan” will be resurrected for the first time in about one year and four months on the broadcast on March 8. It was announced at the notice of the ending of the program broadcast on the 23rd.

In the same project, the local coordinator prepared a festival for the program over the “ Thai Cauliflower Festival ” broadcast on February 12, 2017, “ Laos Bridge Festival ” broadcast on May 20, 2018, etc. In the last year, the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) also began deliberations. “There was a violation of broadcasting ethics, though not to a great extent,” he said. On April 4, some weekly magazines reported the revival of the project.

On this day, the last notice of the program announced that the festival project, which had been closed for one year and four months, will resume from March 8. “We will renew our determination and bring you fun festivals around the world,” he said in a narration.

A preview video that seems to be the first resurrection also flowed, and the “festival man” Daisuke Miyagawa was impressed by the familiar shout of “Washoyii !!” .

Miyagawa told her Twitter on the 5th, “I went to a festival location the other day, as it was in some news yesterday!” “I can not tell you the details in detail yet. But I think there will be a broadcast on Itte Q soon, so please look forward to it! ” He continued, “Please look at it. Thank you very much.”


Is the project interesting?

The festival man of Daisuke Miyagawa seems to be back.

Isn’t there a lot of people waiting for the revival of the project?

To have fun watching

Don’t do it anymore.

It’s like that.

Well, I feel that Daisuke Miyagawa’s result is not very good,

Good results are not so much expected,

Conversely, I want to see Akan | ω ・)

Because there are places.

Personally, if the festival plan can be revived

I want you to consider the crazy journey of TBS.



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