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Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. announced on April 24 that the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau has pointed out omission of filing and has been refraining from activity since last October. Yoshimi Tokui (44) of the comedy “Tutorial” will resume activities from this day.

Tokui responded to an interview by entertainment reporter Masao Nakanishi (45) by this date. The gray hair and wrinkles are more noticeable than before the voluntary activity was stopped, and they suddenly grew older. He talked about his personal office “Tulip”, which he founded in 2009, and was encouraged by entertainers of the same generation who started to build a company one after another at that time. “I tried it because everyone recommended it, but I didn’t understand.” And explained. “I don’t think I’m convinced that I’m not convinced that the same people couldn’t forgive me,” he said. “


Is there demand?

It seems that Tokui will resume performing arts activities.

It seems that he acknowledged himself and repented,

Look at Tokui who has returned

I wonder if the audience can laugh.

After returning, it is likely to appear on regular programs again,

I guess other than fans don’t expect that much.



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