[Exit Johnny’s intention]

It was this man who continued to Masahiro Nakai. Weekly Bunshun reported that Johnny’s popular group, TOKIO Nagase Tomoya (41), intends to leave the Johnny’s office next spring. Since the ex-member Tatsuya Yamaguchi stopped in 2018, Nagase was dissatisfied with the fact that TOKIO was away from music activities, as reported in this paper. But there was another reason. It was a physical problem.

In July of last year, the death of Johnny Kitagawa (87 years old), a charismatic figure of the Johnny’s office, has been widely reported outside of the newspaper, saying that Nakai and other talents will be able to “leave away”. Was. Among them, TOKIO Nagase reported one of the most promising candidates and this paper, but it seems likely that it will become reality.

According to “Weekly Bunshun”, Nagase has already indicated his intention to leave the office and will leave after April next year.

According to a professional entertainment professional, “Tokio was unable to engage in any music activity after the former member Yamaguchi was found to be in obscene and ceased to work. The biggest complaint about this was Nagase’s As reported, Nagase is said to have been talking to the office about the “next stage” since Yamaguchi quit. “

Nagase said he had made a decision to leave two years ago. The office was looking for a return to Yamaguchi, trying to stop the tie.

“Occasionally, magazines and other articles reported that they had returned to Yamaguchi or reported their recent situation, but when they returned, they were like observation balloons to see what kind of reaction would occur.” Outgoing person)

However, since the Johnny’s office transitioned to its current structure last year, it has continued to punish talent scandals.

“The children of Johnny’s Jr. were sentenced to be guilty of leaking photos, but despite being suspended, they returned Yamaguchi, who was sentenced to submit documents on obscene charges, and showed him to other talent. After all, the talk of returning to Yamaguchi has disappeared, “said a professional entertainment executive.

It is no longer possible for Nagase to overturn his decision. Can TOKIO still survive?難 In addition, there remains the challenge of what to do with Nippon Television’s “The Astro Boy! DASH !!”


Want to do music?

A news report was posted on Tomoya Nagase.

That said, it ’s still a rumor stage

It does not seem to be finalized.

The other day, SMAP Masahiro Nakai just announced his official exit,

Because it is a rumor of Nagase in a situation where the world is still fidgeting,

I was a little surprised.

In TOKIO, after the former member Tatsuya Yamaguchi made a riot

I don’t seem to be doing any music,

It may not be possible to cooperate with the office in such places.

The remaining members are on programs such as Astro DASH,

Looks like they ’re usually good friends,

Will it evolve into a disruptive development in the future?



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