Disney movie [postponement]‼

Walt Disney Japan has announced the postponement of two films, “Magazine of Half”, which was scheduled to be released on March 13, and “Moulin”, which was scheduled to be released on April 17. “For the new coronavirus infection status and preventive measures.”

The company stated in a statement regarding the release of the two films, “We have decided to postpone the release of the new coronavirus in order to prevent infection and preventive measures, giving top priority to the safety and health of visitors and their families. I’ll let you know. “

Regarding the scheduled release date after the change, “Half of magic” will be announced soon, as soon as the schedule is decided. “Moulin” will be postponed on May 22. Details will be posted on the movie official website.

In spite of many events being canceled in light of the spread of the new coronavirus, the impact has spread to movies. On February 27, two movie “ Shimajiro Shimajiro and Sora to Bfune ” scheduled to be released on the same month and “ Movie Doraemon Nobita’s New Dinosaur ” scheduled to be released on March 6 were announced postponed. .


Is the movie deadly?

The release of two Disney movies has been postponed.

As you can tell without reason

It is a new coronavirus.

In a closed space like a movie theater,

It could be a trigger for the spread of infection.

Even so, the impact of corona this time is affecting the economy.

Especially for movie works, the number of customers and ranking are important,

If you regret it is fatal.

Even if it is postponed, various cancellation fees etc will occur and it will be a serious thing.

It looks like it’s still peaking in March,

How long will it last?



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