Wife is affair with apprentice‼

Rakugo Shiraku Tatekawa (56), who hosts the information program “Good Luck!” From Monday to Friday and has become the “TBS morning face”. Rika Sakai (38), a worried wife who manages 19 apprentices, “Okami-san”, has been found to be in an affair with his apprentice, according to an interview with “Weekly Bunshun.”

Sakai has been active in the three-member idol group Link Link Link since the age of 18. He married in 2006 after appearing in the movie “SF Komachi”, which he directed in 2002.

A troupe official speaks.

“Mr. Sakai, the president of the troupe, is always with a 25-year-old troupe who is a disciple of a teacher and is absent from a rakugo troupe. It’s like a married couple, like going to lunch and playing. ”

The “Weekly Bunshun” interview group frequently checks the date spots of the two.

On February 7, the two went to the grocery store to buy groceries and, together, shared their nights in their absent home for a local performance.

On the first night of the stage performance, on February 19, a light car was parked in a parking lot near his home, and Sakai and his disciples kissed and other “acts” in the car. Since then, the two people have been singing for over an hour at convenience stores and supermarket parking lots every day.

On February 29, they directly hit the two chatting. Sakai replied:

-What is your relationship with your apprentice?

“A member of the troupe and a bouncer. It is dangerous to be alone, and I always have one disciple.”

-After the stage, they were kissing in the car.

“Maybe I’m drunk and forced, but I don’t remember.”

Early in the morning on March 2nd, when we listened to the will to head for the program,

“I believe in my wife, and well, at this level, my bond won’t break. I just drank too much. It won’t be a divorce.”

However, it was not only this time that Sakai made his disciple a mistress. According to an interview in Weekly Bunshun, Sakai fell into an affair with another disciple four years ago, and the disciple later became ill and ill.


This time sympathy?

Affair allegations have surfaced for his wife.

That opponent is a disciple

It’s a very terrible event in the immediate vicinity.

Raku Tachikawa is now a good rack! Since I am hosting the

Must appear on TV as a victim

That’s the biggest shame.

This time, I want to feel compassionate.

The best entertainment news,

It cannot be touched as expected.

If my husband is on live broadcasting

Unlimited affairs | ω ・)

I think it’s terrible humiliation.

From the person’s point of view, Corona’s worries will be unpredictable.




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