Ronaldinho [arrest]‼

Former Brazil national team Ronaldinho has been arrested in Paraguay for using a fake passport. Brazilian media “veja” reported on the 5th.

Ronaldinho, who participated in a charity event yesterday, was arrested by local police after presenting a fake passport while trying to stay at a hotel in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Ronaldinho has been seized a passport in Brazil in the past and has now produced a fake passport for his departure. The column stating the nationality was disguised from Brazil to Paraguay.

Paraguayan Interior Minister Euclides Azebed said in an interview with a local radio that “there is information that he has falsified documents,” revealing that it is not just gossip.

Ronaldinho will stay overnight at the hotel with the permission of police and will be interviewed by a representative of a local public official of Paraguay earlier this morning.

Isn’t it normal?

Ronaldinho seems to have been arrested.

It seems that you presented a forged passport,

Celebrities worldwide are fake passports

It’s a story that the guard is too sweet and a lie.

Ronaldinho has a particularly distinctive look

I guess people who understand in Japan will be bald with a single blow.



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