Shochiku [Exit]‼

Shochiku Performing Arts announced on February 5 that TKO Kinoshita Takayuki (48) will leave the office on March 15. It is said that the combination with Takemoto Kimoto (48) will continue, and he will be free.

Shochiku Performing Arts reported on the official website that “our company’s talent TKO @ Kinoshita will leave our company on March 15, 2020,” leaving the office. “We will continue to perform entertainment activities as free.” “TKO will not dissolve, and Takehiro Kimoto will continue to perform entertainment activities at our company.”

An official in the office responded to the sports news report, saying, “It’s not a dismissal. In a discussion with Kinoshita himself, he said,” I’ve troubled my company and fellow entertainers, so I want to refresh myself once again. ” I’m leaving. ” Last week, some weekly magazines reported the power harassment of junior entertainers, saying, “There are facts, I reflect on myself, and I deal with entertainers who have trouble individually (such as apology).” Revealed.

“We will work as a combination without dissolving TKO as well”. Kinoshita is currently appearing regularly on MBS Radio’s “Gocha Maze Heaven!” (Thursday, 11:30 PM), and also has a personal apparel business.

The full text of the office comment is as follows.

“Thank you for always supporting our talent. Thank you very much to the fans and related people who have supported us so far. We will leave our company and continue performing as a freelance entertainment artist We will continue. TKO will not dissolve, and Takehiro Kimoto will continue to perform on our company. Thank you for your continued patronage. ”

Does personality change?

TKO Kinoshita seems to be leaving the office of Shochiku Performing Arts.

Office backup is lost even in the middle of a turmoil

That would be fatal as an entertainer.

Where the office has changed

It does not suddenly become interesting.

On the contrary, it makes it difficult to laugh.

It does n’t change your personality or personality.

Is it something that fades out as it is?




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