Masks at auction‼

It was learned on the 6th that Hiroyuki Moroda, a member of the Yaizu City Prefectural Assembly (independent), had exhibited a large number of masks at an Internet auction. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, masks were in short supply, and in some cases, the price went up by bidding.

According to the transaction history and Mr. Moroda’s explanation, Mr. Moroda exhibited 2,000 sets of medical masks etc. more than 40 times since mid-February, and was awarded tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen each time.

Mr. Moroda accepted the interview and explained that the masks he exhibited were stock items he had purchased at work. “It’s not resale, it’s okay.” Regarding the winning bid, he emphasized the legitimacy, saying, “At the time of exhibition, it starts from 1 yen. The winning bid is the market price.” The exhibition of a set of 2,000 masks was withdrawn on the 6th.

On February 28, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry requested that Internet auction operators voluntarily refrain from displaying masks and disinfectants on March 14 in order to prevent buying up for resale. Based on this, Mr. Moroda’s auction operator posted a revised guideline on April 4 to prohibit auction-style mask exhibition from 14th.

Are you stupid?

Massive exhibition of masks was discovered by local lawmakers.

Moreover, because it is an auction, the market price

It seems to be an excuse.

I ca n’t be forgiven in this current trend

Are you sticky?

If you ’re a legislator,

Although it is necessary to devise it so that it can be used for the general public

You were making profits by yourself so that you didn’t get out of shape.

I can’t really find such a word to save people.



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