Combi dissolution‼

The comedian Brillian’s Koji (32) and Daiki (32), who are known as comedians and blouses Chiemi’s back dancer “with B”, will update their SNS on the 10th and disband the combination in 10 days today Announced.

Koji Tokuda Hiroshi reported on his Instagram, “We have decided to dismiss Brillian today. We decided to discuss the matter together.” He has been working with “with B” since 2016, but recalls, “As a result, Brillian was disbanded without any achievements.”

Still, “this dissolution is not a negative thing, it is a dissolution of the two people’s desire to move forward positively.” He apologized and thanked fans, seniors and blousons, and said, “Thank you, I’m really grateful to Daiki, who has been with me so far.”

He also announced that the stage name will be “Koji Tokuda” with the meaning of “I want to set a break with myself and want to be active globally”.

Daiki Sugiura, on the other hand, also updated his Twitter, saying, “I was invited to Koji four years ago and challenged the world of comedy. I met a blouson and had many opportunities, and everyone came to know I really appreciate them. “

After the dissolution, he renewed his resolve to say, “I will try the actor path, which was a dream from the past, as well as variety programs. I will start from 1 as my feelings while making use of my experience so far, “I’ll work hard to get into a variety of works, so I’ll be happy to see them all, grow up, and meet everyone again.”

Daiki also said on the occasion of the dissolution, “I will be working as Daiki Sugiura, my real name.”

Brillian was formed when two people who met by introducing an acquaintance entered a training school in 2015. He has been working with blousons since he graduated in 16 years, and broke in 17 years. Acting as an actor, Koji is a TBS-based “No Side Game” and Daiki is an NHK “This is not a cost! ] Appeared.

Is it hard to break?

Familiar Brillian with B seems to dissolve the combination.

I broke as mysterious men behind the blouson Chiemi,

After all, they didn’t break with comedy.

I didn’t even know what the story was.

You can’t survive in the entertainment world just by breaking a bit.

They seem to be doing actors,

I hope you can play an active part in the genre that suits your aptitude well.



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