My husband [runs away]‼

Yukorin suddenly divorced. Yuko Ogura, 36, who just announced the pregnancy of her third child late last month, has been separated from her husband, 46, a dentist who has been married for the second year. My husband left the house alone at the end of last year and requested a divorce at the end of last year, knowing that my child was pregnant. Kogura, who is heavily ill in a sudden situation, continues to squeeze tears saying “I want to start over”.

Kokura’s husband is engaged in patient care at his clinic for 10 days. The request for coverage of this paper was politely rejected by the staff, saying, “I can’t respond because I’m working.” At the beginning of the marriage, it was reputed to be calm and easy to see, with a comedy combination, football hour Nozomu Iwao (44) and NON @ STYLE Yusuke Inoue (40) seemingly thin. At the time, Kogura was saying, “I chose him because of his personality rather than his appearance. I and his children have the highest priority.”

Wasn’t he happy?

Yukorin suddenly came out of a separate living report.

Because she is pregnant with her third child,

Perfect happiness family

I thought

It looks like your home was messed up.



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