Tom Hanks [infection]‼

US actor Tom Hanks (63) and wife and US actress and singer Rita Wilson (63) have been infected with the new coronavirus while staying in Australia to film. I knew it was. Hanks said on Tuesday.

According to the Queensland Health Authority, the Hanks and his wife were quarantined at a hospital on the eastern Gold Coast after a confirmed outbreak of the new virus.

Hanks announced that he was the first major Hollywood star to be infected with the new coronavirus.

The underlying disease is thought to increase the risk of developing a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), but Hanks had previously confessed to type 2 diabetes.

Finally celebrities?

Tom Hanks’ infection has been revealed.

Have you finally infected celebrities?

It’s like that.

Is the infection source from Australia or the United States?

Is it a shooting site? Is it an airport?

There are various possibilities.

The release of the movie has been postponed until now,

It seems that this trend will affect the shooting of the latest work.



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