Leave the office [Study Abroad]‼

On 13th, it became clear that comedy talent blouson Chiemi (29) left his office “Watanabe Entertainment” this month and will challenge a new field as his real name Shiori Fujiwara. According to officials, he intends to study abroad soon to learn foreign languages ​​and to spread the word across countries.

The blouson, who had a break in the career woman story of “3.5 billion”, decided to pursue a new dream overseas. As reflected in the stories and make-ups, he had a longing for foreign countries, and spoke on TV programs about his relationship with Nepali men and his love for American actor Leonardo DiCaprio (45). An acquaintance said, “I’m going to study abroad alone, trying to enter a new field, including social contribution. I’m going to decide what to do concretely for a while.”

I started by participating in volunteer activities in Okayama, where my parents’ home was damaged by the heavy rains in the summer of 2018. Originally, he was interested in environmental issues, so he decided to broaden his horizons.

He will leave the office steadily and will study in Europe as early as next month. The office respects the blouson’s wishes and willingly send it out. The regular programs “Hirnandes!” And “Legal counselors who can stand in line” (both Nippon Television) will graduate this month.


A smart choice?

Blouson Chiemi seems to leave the office.

It seems a bit inevitable to stop when you are on a famous program,

After the peak, what will you do as an entertainer?

Isn’t it a very good time to think about it?

Become famous, just go out on the show

I leave the office.

I think it’s a very smart choice.

I want to look forward to his future activities.



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