Apology Conference‼

Actor Masahiro Higashide (32) appeared on the 17th at a talk event just before the release of the movie “Yukio Mishima vs. Tokyo University Full Co-Fighting: 50 Years of Truth” (released on 20th) in Tokyo. For the first time after discovering an affair with actress Erika Karata (22), she first appeared in public. After the event, they held a press conference and repeatedly apologized to the wife and actress Kyou (33) in front of about 100 press members. The narrow shoulders were highlighted.

Higashide, appearing black-chested and cheeking, embraced countless flashes directed at him. “I think that I have to apologize the most to my wife,” he said with a mysterious appearance.

A conference of about 20 minutes. In response to the question, silence was born over and over again. When asked, “What should I say to the person who made the mistake?” He looked up to the heavens and thought for 37 seconds, saying, “Do your best and do not betray people.” When asked about her continued affair after being pointed out by Kyou about her affair with Karata, she squeezed out the 18-second silence phrase, “I think I was only thinking of myself.” .

The catastrophe with Karata, who had an affair, also stated, but the relentless question, “Which do you like, Kyou or Karata?” I can’t say talking to your heart will hurt your wife, “he said.


Lost popularity?

Masahiro Higashide first appeared in public after the uproar.

Even from us watching

Although it was boring especially without the latest information,

There are things that you need to do even if they have no meaning.

Does the other party, Erika Karata, hold a conference?

Both of them are professional,

She approached Higashi while she knew she was married

I think it’s a pretty bad guy.

Higashide seems to have been beaten by the amount that originally had a neat image.

If the image is originally ridiculous, there will be no damage so much,

That is a strange story.



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