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Nippon Television’s regular presidential conference was held on the 23rd.

Regarding the effects of program production following the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Hiroyuki Fukuda, the executive director in charge of the program, said, “The impact has been considerable. Especially going overseas,” Itte Q to the end of the world! “” Another Sky 2 In particular, if you’re on “Itte Q,” you’ll have to do a domestic location if you don’t go to a new location. “

He also expressed his suffering about the drama, saying, “The location outside does not go well. It has such an effect. I am working on a set.”

He also talked about measures to take at the shooting site, such as “checking physical condition, measuring temperature, masking, disinfecting. In addition, shorten the recording time and reduce the number of performers. Avoid sharing microphones. Reduce the number of extras as much as possible.” .

Are measures difficult?

Itte Q’s location doesn’t seem to be progressing.

Well, it is at the stage where the Canadian Olympics players have decided not to dispatch to the Tokyo Olympics,

It’s not the stage of forcing the variety location.

There is a risk of getting or spreading the infection.

If you are doing a program in such a world story

It is deadly for production.

Food and cultural attractions

It is certain that overseas people are flying,

In Japan, bungee is a level that can fly easily.

The omnibus also has its limitations

You need to take some measures.

Nippon Television

I’ll definitely watch if you broadcast the radio boys | ω ・)



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