[Suspicion] of the new corona‼

On Tuesday, it was discovered that talent Shimura Ken (70) was urgently hospitalized because of a suspected new coronavirus infection. He has symptoms such as coughs and fever, and his condition is serious, and he continues to be treated with his brother. It is expected that there will be a formal announcement on the 25th including the inspection results of the new corona.

Shimura was hospitalized last weekend. Sponichi’s interview revealed symptoms similar to those of the new corona infection, including cough and fever, as well as shadows on the lungs. At present, he uses a ventilator to provide treatment, accompanied by his brother and manager. The situation is serious because she was hospitalized for pneumonia in 2016. There is also information that “the situation is not optimistic right now” (related persons) and serious conditions.

The movie “Kinema no Kami”, which will be the first starring movie, is scheduled to be released in December, and many people have been worried at the filming site about the emergency hospitalization in Shimura.

Currently, she has two regular programs a week: Nippon Television’s “Tensai! Shimura Animal Garden” and Fuji Television’s “Shimura de Knight”. In addition, it has not been announced yet on the NHK serial TV novel “Ale”, which starts on the 30th, but has been decided to appear and shooting has already started. She was her first drama appearance, and was determined to shoot. An official said, “The young actors and actresses who are co-starring are pleased to be involved in the same work as the comedy legend, and thanks to Mr. Shimura, it is a very peaceful atmosphere.” The next shooting schedule was vacant until early April.


Is it popular in Tokyo?

Ken Shimura suspected of a new corona.

Will it finally spread to the Japanese entertainment world?

You came to that place.

Rather than whether to refrain from recording

It may be changing to a situation where you need to watch out for infection.



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