Cherry blossom viewing!

The cherry blossoms in full bloom and the smiling men and women are at the center of their lives, Mr. Abe’s wife, Mrs. Akie. A note from a staff member of the Kinki Finance Bureau who committed suicide over the Moriyu Gakuen issue was reported, and Mrs. Akie Uenonaka was enjoying a private “cherry blossom viewing party” while suspicions were renewed.

Somewhere in Tokyo in late March, there are 13 people with their shoulders against the backlit illuminated cherry blossoms. At the center is Mrs. Akie. After seeing the photos, a participant’s acquaintance says:

“Participants of this day seem to be mainly those who have interacted with Mr. Akie before. Mrs. Akie is a popular model next to Mrs. Rina Fujii in the photograph. Mr. Fujii was on Akie on YouTube in 2014 There seems to have been a friend from the beginning, such as talking with Mr. Yuya Tegoshi of the idol group NEWS and music producers as well.

Is it intentional anymore?

Akie Abe has been discovered by 13 people.

As expected, Akie | ω ・)

It easily exceeds the common sense of ordinary people.

Even though her husband, Prime Minister Abe, is asking herself to refrain from going out of hurry,

If my wife is out on his way

There’s nothing persuasive.

I don’t want to sympathize with Prime Minister Abe,

Is Akie no longer an opponent of the Abe administration?

It just seems to be trying to crush the prime minister’s career.



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