New corona [infection]‼

It was revealed on March 31 that screenwriter Kankuro Miyafuji (49) was infected with the new coronavirus. The official website of the adult plan has been announced. He was said to have been treated for pyelonephritis, and on that day the infection was revealed. The only symptom is fever.

It has been announced that the first day of the woman rib “Manga Manga Nana” (Tokyo, Honda Theater) directed by Miyafuji will be postponed from April 2 to 14 on the 30th. Miyato’s comment is as follows.

No way, I was overconfident. Even now, why am I? I can’t believe it. The dull pain in the lower back of pyeloneitis has disappeared, and now is the time to go. I’m really sorry for the people who bought the tickets, the actors, the staff, and the families. Fortunately, I am depressed and crying, and I have no symptoms of pneumonia or cold. I will concentrate on the treatment so that I can show my health as soon as possible.

Will it spread to the entertainment world?

The infection of Kankuro Miyafuji was discovered.

While the news of Ken Shimura still continues

The infection seems to be spreading to entertainers.

The infectivity of the new coronavirus is strong.

At first it was compared with the flu,

Doesn’t that compare with influenza that is still immune?

In this case, it was completely stupid to interview the passengers on the first return flight.

There was no point in having a torch event before the Olympics.

Canceling high school baseball was a wise decision.



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