New corona [infection]‼

Kazuko Kurosawa (41) of the comedy trio “Mori Sanchu” was infected with the new coronavirus and a positive reaction was found on the 4th. Yoshimoto Kogyo belonging to announced.

According to Yoshimoto, Kurosawa had a fever episode around noon on March 21, but returned to normal fever the same night. Two days treatment at home with a doctor’s diagnosis. He returned to work on the 25th and participated in shooting the program. However, there was a report that the taste and smell remained unrecognized, and there was a report that the symptoms were coronavirus infection, so he took great care and canceled all subsequent work.

After that, he visited multiple medical institutions. A CT examination was performed at a medical institution visited on the 1st, and the patient was diagnosed as having a possibility of pneumonia. Kurosawa has returned to normal fever since the 21st, and although symptoms of pneumonia have subsided and there are no symptoms such as cough at present, the symptoms of difficulty in feeling taste and smell continue. They say

After all taste and smell?

The infection of Kurosawa Morinaka has been announced.

Is it just a few days from Kankuro Miyafuji before that?

It has definitely spread to the entertainment world.

With this feeling, you can easily imagine that the virus is quite widespread in the general public.



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