[Emergency Declaration]‼

Prime Minister Abe declared an emergency on the evening of July 7 in seven prefectures in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka, where the spread of the new coronavirus has spread. The period is until May 6. The declaration will halt the increase in infection and protect the healthcare delivery system, which is concerned about collapse.

The declaration is based on the Revised Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza and is the first announcement since the Special Measures Law was enacted in 2012.

The Prime Minister of Japan held a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office on the evening of the evening of the evening of the National Task Force, saying, “We have determined that a rapid and widespread nationwide spread could have a significant impact on our lives and the national economy. We will issue an emergency declaration. “

Under the Special Measures Law, railways and roads cannot be forcibly stopped. The Prime Minister also emphasized that “it does not lock down cities as seen overseas.” The Tokyo and Osaka prefectures have also denied the blockade, and economic and social activities will be maintained as much as possible.

Earlier on the morning of the 7th, the Prime Minister consulted with the Advisory Committee on Basic Action Policy, which is made up of experts, as to whether the current situation falls under the two requirements of the Declaration of Emergency. The two requirements are that (1) there is a risk of seriously damaging the lives and health of the people, and (2) there is a fear that the rapid and widespread spread nationwide will have a great effect on the lives and economy of the people. It was determined to be applicable.

In the afternoon, the Prime Minister attended the House of Representatives’ committees in the House of Representatives and reported the declaration in advance.

After the announcement, the governor of the target area will be able to request unnecessary and urgent self-restraint, as well as to request and instruct schools and large facilities to stop using. There are no penalties. Measures involving enforcement are as follows: (1) If we do not respond to a request to sell pharmaceuticals or food, we will issue a forced expropriation or storage order. (2) Use land and buildings without the consent of the owner to open a temporary medical facility Yes-only.


Lack of a sense of crisis?

An emergency declaration was issued in seven prefectures.

That said, Prime Minister Abe’s press was empty.

The feelings of the people are already separated.

If you’re a true leader, you’ll be encouraged at hard times

It should affect your heart,

Stunned by lottery level benefits

I think most people are upset.

When this happens, the data that first spread in Hokkaido

Isn’t Hokkaido simply honest and Tokyo hiding?

That comes to mind.

In fact, at that time, it was assumed that the Olympics would be held.

Tokyo is not a big deal | ω ・)

Is it for the image that?

It seems that Kurosawa in Mori Minaka was infected a few days ago and it turned out,

Even after the Olympic postponement

Difficulty performing PCR tests

The situation seems to be continuing.

If you don’t test, you won’t find a positive

You don’t have to increase the number | ω ・)

That’s the story. It is cruel.

In addition, when early suspected symptoms appear, they are prompted to wait at home,

You don’t get positive if you are at home, right?

How has the actual number of infected people increased?

Even though infected people without symptoms continue to be transferred to people,

Will trains keep moving for economy?

Is an emergency declaration just such a word?

Isn’t the new model looking sweet?

Did you convince Akie before appealing to the people?



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