Castor infection‼

On the 12th, TV Asahi announced on April 12 that the news station, Yuta Tomikawa (43), who served as MC from Monday to Thursday, was infected with the new coronavirus in the news program “News Station” (Monday to Friday, 9:54 PM). .

According to TV Asahi, Bucheon Ana had a fever of 38 degrees when measured on March 3 and 4. On the 3rd, working from home and the 4th on a holiday, the fever quickly fell on both days.

He usually went to work from the 6th and appeared on the news station. However, during the performance on the 7th, there was a symptom that sputum was involved, and on August 8 he felt short of breath. Although the body temperature was normal on the 9th, if I climbed the stairs or walked fast, I felt stuffy, and the same symptoms continued on the morning of the 10th. A CT examination was performed at a hospital in Tokyo, and the symptoms of pneumonia were diagnosed. He has been infected and has been hospitalized.

Currently, there are no coughs, fever, malaise, abnormal taste or smell. At Tele Morning, it revealed that necessary measures such as waiting for the staff in contact with their homes and disinfection, etc. were carried out, and that they would continue to work with health centers to prevent the spread of infection inside and outside the company and to ensure the safety of performers, employees and staff. Was.

Typical of people who can’t rest?

An infection of Bucheon Ana was discovered.

It’s a human infection that sends information by live broadcasting

You can tell that the new coronavirus is a threat.

A newscaster

I think it’s a typical example of people who can’t rest

Will Prime Minister Abe be able to eliminate contact with 7.8% of these people?

How irresponsible Prime Minister Abe’s remarks are

It tells you that it is a fancy story.

Let’s work hard together. Let’s overcome.

Even if only beautiful things are arranged

No solution.

While the train is moving

Young people

Bars and nightclubs,

I don’t think it makes any sense.

Asymptomatic people commuting to the train every day

Sprinkle without awareness

Since the infection route is being counted as unknown,

Prime Minister Abe should not break the Japanese economy any more.

Except around Abe, it looks like they are united.

Since masks are already produced by various companies,

Far from meaningless to distribute two

It is useless.



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