Junichi Ishida 【Infection】‼

On the 15th, actor Junichi Ishida (66) was found to be positive, while the spread of the new coronavirus in the entertainment world could not stop. He complained of lassitude at his work site in Okinawa and was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo on the 14th because he had symptoms of pneumonia. On this day, a PCR test revealed the infection. His wife, a professional golfer, talented Riko Higashio (44) became a rich contact person, but said he has no symptoms so far.

The affiliated office announced the infection via Ishida’s blog on this day. According to the office, on the 10th of this month, Ishida went to Okinawa for work. I felt tired on the following 11th, and took a rest at a local hotel until I returned to Tokyo on the 13th. During that time, I had no fever or cough, but I didn’t feel tired when I returned to my home in Tokyo on the 13th, so I visited a hospital in Tokyo on the 14th. There, he was hospitalized because he tended to have pneumonia. At the same time, a PCR test was performed and it was confirmed as positive on the 15th.

The office said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those concerned for the inconvenience. In the future, we will endeavor to prevent the spread of infection under the direction of the relevant parties.” According to the person concerned, Ishida is not in a serious condition because he is able to have conversations even after being hospitalized and eats meals at the hospital. When Ishida returned to Tokyo on the night of the 13th, he told a manager who came to pick him up at the airport, “I was sleeping in a hotel because I was tired in Okinawa. I have no cough or fever.” .

Before going to Okinawa and after returning to Tokyo on the 13th, I would have spent time with three children, including Riko Higashio and the eldest son Riorou (7). Since Riko and his family became “rich contacts,” they are now living independently at home. It is said that he communicates with Ishida and communicates the situation to the office side. Riko wanted a PCR test, but said she could not receive it because she had no symptoms. Riko’s affiliated office said, “Higashio has been at home all the time, and I’m fine with my three children.”

Ishida will appear on Riko’s blog and Facebook on the 7th and 8th of this month. The appearance of the second-year-old daughter’s birthday party is up, and her wife’s hands are on the shoulder. There is also the appearance of Osamu Higashio (69), the father of former Seibu director and Riko. Riko wrote, “When we are working on new corona measures! Let’s do our best.” In addition, Riko did not touch her husband on the blog updated on the 14th, but wrote about the two children observing the sun at home.

Is it continuing to spread?

Junichi Ishida’s infection has been announced.

I think it has been quite a few days since the government called for refraining from going out.

Looks like it’s still spreading.

Even so, my wife, Riko Higashio, who is a rich contact

Can’t get PCR test | ω ・)

What about that?

It says that there are no symptoms

It has already been announced that there are asymptomatic infected people,

The current situation is that such infected people are spreading the virus.

I think it is regulated by the Japanese government,

There seems to be a gap in the points you are focusing on.

Have you given up on tracing the infection route?



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