[Infection] on the new corona!

TBS Radio announced on the 18th that free announcer Tamao Akae (45), who is the personality of Tamao Akae Tamamo-Subi (Monday-Thursday after 1:00), was found to be positive for the new coronavirus as a result of PCR test.

Following the contact from the person himself, the station announced on the official website. Comments from Akae Anna are as follows.

“I will report the PCR results of Tamao Akae, so I will report it. Tamao Akae himself was a new coronavirus” positive “. My daughter was” negative “. Onset on April 15th. At the moment I am treated at home. As a reminder, I stopped all social activities with my family from the 11th onwards, and I hope I can tell you about our experience once I recover and return to the radio. 18th Tamao Akae “

TBS Radio said on the website, “Since the family was suspected of being infected with a new type of coronavirus, we will not be appearing in the studio live on April 13th. I came to the company on April 9th, and I recognize that there are no co-stars in the program and no production contacts. “

Akae Announces her appearance on the phone from the 13th, and she will appear on the phone. On the 16th, he commented on the program and reported that his husband in his 40s who was a staff member of “News Station” on TV Asahi was infected with the new coronavirus.

In the comments on the 16th, the husband and his two-year-old daughter and a family of three reported on what they had experienced and noticed in six items. Among the six items, “Who cares for the child when both parents fall together?” He expressed his concern as a parent with a small child.


Is it quite prevalent?

Tamao Akae’s infection was announced.

It is spreading at a fairly fast speed.

Because my husband is a staff of the news station,

Did you get it from TV Asahi?

Did you bring in TV Asahi? I don’t know,

It seems certain that the virus already exists there.



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