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Bunshun Online reported on the 22nd that actress Ayame Goriki (27) and ZOZO founder and Start Today President Yusaku Maezawa (44) were reunited. The two began dating in the spring of 2018 and were once said to be getting married, but they broke down in November last year. Goriki’s office did not deny to the daily sports interview that he said, “I leave the private to him.”

Just three months after the surprise blowout, a large-scale couple of attention was playing an even more amazing “super-flashback reconciliation”.

On January 9, this year Maezawa announced his AbemaTV matchmaking project, “Yamasawa Maesawa serious matchmaking document FULL MOON LOVERS” on his Twitter account. On January 30, right after the selection of the matchmaking partner started, he suddenly announced that he would stop. It seems that there was the existence of rigidity behind the mysterious reason.

Maezawa has signed a contract to travel to the moon for the first time in 2023 as a civilian, and the matchmaking plan is to find a “life partner to go on a moon trip together”. If the reincarnation is a fact, it can be said that Gosei has once again named himself as the most promising candidate for “month date”.

The two announced a catastrophe in November last year. Maesawa explained why in an interview on a TV show, “She wants to do her best in her work. On the other hand, I’m in a new business or in the universe. I want her to follow me even more.” And explained that there was a deviation in the direction of each other.

On the other hand, Gosei said “I still have my feelings” in a radio program immediately after the news of the catastrophe, saying “Imperfect”. In another TV show, he was surprised by the endless love, saying, “I’m a messed up type. I love my face” and “I love you at first sight.”

Goriki, who appeared in the event for the first time after the catastrophe was announced in March this year, was thought to have run out with a big smile, but in fact it seems that he has already been reconciled. Bunshun Online reported that in mid-February, Mr. Maezawa declared his reunion in front of his employees.

Maezawa cited the existence of three children who were born between two unregistered women as the reason why he did not decide to marry Gokiki immediately after the catastrophe. The possibility of an electric shock marriage is also noticed by only two people who got over the catastrophe and were immediately reconciled.

Is the unity strong?

Yusaku Maesawa and Gome Ayame reported news of reincarnation.

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