Preaching on the radio

A major problem has been that Ninety-Nine Takashi Okamura’s inappropriate statement was made in the late night broadcast of “All Night Nippon 0 by Takashi Okamura” (Nippon Broadcasting) on ​​April 23. Yoshimoto Kogyo, the office of Okamura, announced an apology in his name.

The next week’s midnight broadcast on April 30th was focused on what Okamura would say about the issue. When I opened the lid, there was a surprising development that no one had expected.

From the beginning, Okamura repeated his apologies and reflections with a heavy tone. Since I am careful to choose words one by one, the interjections such as “Eh” and “Nh” stand out. Professional entertainers rarely speak this way in public. It is the basis of speaking that no interjections are inserted. Okamura was upset and depressed to the point that even such a basic form was completely destroyed.

Can one person continue the program for two hours as it is? When all the listeners felt anxious, suddenly someone came into the studio and opened their mouths.

“You did it. You did it.”

The main voice was his companion, Hiroyuki Yabe. While confused by the sudden situation, Okamura apologized to the annoyed partner, “I’m sorry” and “I’m sorry”.

In a sense, Yabe perceived this turmoil as a good opportunity. That’s because I felt that the Nainai duo wasn’t in very good shape. This situation is also an emergency for Nanai. That’s why Yabe proclaimed that he came to give an “open sermon.”

As the declaration was made, after that, Yabe was hit by Okamura with a string of tough words, one after another. In particular, he added that he was responsible for the staff and listeners who had spoiled him by leaving this statement in question. It is rare for Yabe, or rather, the talent, to talk about this in the mass media.

Even after that, I pointed out the things that Okamura lacked as human beings, that they were unwilling and that they had the idea of ​​female disdain. He argued that the root of the problem statement was due to Okamura’s bad habit of escaping into “genre stories” if he / she was in trouble.

Problems in everyday life?

Takashi Okamura apologized for the [genre statement] on the radio.

And urgently Hiroyuki Yabe appeared on the radio.

Well, people who apologize cannot do radio.

From Yabe’s mouth, he also talked about Okamura as usual.

Okamura, who has decided to apologize for saying customs this time,

After all it was funny

Sounds like

Yabe also said, “Old man doesn’t want to preach to him,”

Even if it’s a duo that doesn’t seem to have a good relationship

It was a sermon that had a fundamental affection.


Yabe is normal | ω ・)

I thought.

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