Bobby [Arrest]

Around noon on the 16th, a police officer was sent to a residential area in Saitama City when he was notified. The content of the report was “My husband hit my face.” When the police officer entered his house, there was an excited foreign man.

This foreign man has appeared in many variety shows and has also been a martial arts competition player.

About 50 minutes later, the Saitama Prefecture Urawa Police Station arrested the current criminal as a suspect in the assault case where the talent hit the wife’s face. Police officers rushed to the site and initially did not realize that the man was a talented suspect, Bobby.

What did Bobby Ologon, who was arrested Bobby Chikada (54 years old), arrested?

According to the Urawa Police Station, Bobby argued with his wife (46 years old) at his home in Saitama City on the 16th of this month and struck his face during the marital trouble. Also, at that time, there were three children other than the couple at home.

Is it a problem with your personality?

Bobby Ologon was arrested.

I can’t know in detail what actually happened, but

Because I was at a level where I was notified

Probably there was a problem with Bobby.

From the time I was on the variety show

Anger and excuse

It felt hot in the center,

After all

It causes such a problem.



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