Special program [Abandoned broadcasting]

It was discovered on the 24th that “FNS 27-hour TV,” which was broadcast on the Fuji TV series from 1987 and was scheduled to reach its 34th year this year, abandoned this year’s broadcast due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The “signboard program,” which has been broadcast without interruption, has been canceled for the first time in history.

Summing up the stories of several people, we were making adjustments aiming for broadcasting in mid-August this year. It was a tough decision due to issues such as safety management issues and schedule adjustments by the performers in the coronary disaster. The program was well established as a live broadcast in the summer. It was popular for the appearance of “Comedy BIG3” by Tamori (74), Beat Takeshi (73), and Akashiya Sanma (64), and the talk corner “Sanma Nakai can’t sleep tonight”. Broadcast in September for the first time with the renewal from live broadcast to pre-recorded in 2017. After that, it was broadcast in autumn. The content also has one theme, “History of Japan” (17 years), “Food” (18 years), “Sports” (19 years), and it is a style to dig in from various angles. Abandoning broadcasting is a big decision for the station. Some people said, “Under such circumstances, it is difficult to broadcast a large program. Unfortunately, it can not be helped.” Regarding the “24-hour television” of Nippon Television, Yoshinobu Kosugi said in a press conference in March, “I am thinking that I will do whatever it takes, no matter what the shape.” In the future, it is likely that each broadcasting station will have to make difficult decisions regarding the broadcasting of large programs.


Can’t you get ready?

It seems that this year’s 27-hour TV will be gone.

Well, I’ve been told that I don’t need it for the last few years,

Does it feel like you’ve been hit by a corona?

Even if the broadcast is quite

Because preparation is required for broadcasting

It will be decided to cancel at an early stage.

I’m sure there will be more such examples coming out in the future.



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