Leave the office?

It was revealed on 26th that NEWS Yuya Tegoshi (32) decided to leave the Johnny’s office. Going out many times during the declaration of an emergency due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. A new disposition was announced on this day, which was removed from the members of the limited-time unit “Twenty ★ Twenty (commonly known as Tonitoni)” and suspended for an indefinite period of time. Tegoshi, who repulsed a series of disposals, decided to become independent. Tegoshi has been given a new disposition of inactivity suspension. It seems that they will discuss with the office side in the future, but their feelings are fixed after leaving. According to an acquaintance, Tegoshi is already preparing to establish a private office. After leaving the company, he says he wants to be a businessman by taking advantage of his name recognition. The dissatisfaction with the disposal is behind the decision to leave. In particular, he strongly opposes Hideaki Takizawa (38), who is the producer of “Toni Toni”, and “I believe that Mr. Takizawa led the disposition of removing myself from the members of Toni Toni. The” Takizawa system “will continue in the future. If that’s the case, then I’ll go out “(acquaintance). Tegoshi was out of the Tonitoni group announced on the 13th of this month because it was discovered that she was out with a woman in late April during the emergency declaration. Even though he has repeatedly acted carelessly and received attention each time, as an office that judged that he did not seem to be converted, “It was the limit of patience. The next problem I removed from Tonitoni was a problem. “There was a yellow card meaning that you had to be prepared to leave” if you wake up. “(A TV station person familiar with Johnny’s). Despite that, it was reported on the website “Bunharu Online” that he had a drinking party with several men and women in the city center on the early morning of the 23rd. The office confirmed with the person himself, “Although there are some differences in the facts,” he said he accepted the participation in the tavern. The office announced the disposal on the official website on the 26th. “We have come to the conclusion that it is unavoidable to refrain from all entertainment activities,” he explained. Tegoshi suspends its activities on this day. The appearance of the popular Nippon Television program “Itte Q!


Why did you stop?

Yuya Tegoshi seems to be leaving.

It seems to be completely desperate,

If you keep playing without permission, it cannot be protected as an office.

There is a certain degree of name recognition and the group to which it belongs, there is a regular program called Itte Q,

I feel like it’s a waste to give up on them.

As Tegoshi quits Johnny’s,

Is it possible to do as an entertainer?

There are some places where you are worried about | ω ・)



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