Retired from the entertainment world

Mayu Watanabe, a former member of AKB48 who announced that she would end her entertainment activities, posted Mayu Watanabe on Twitter on the 1st, saying, “Thank you very much!” Many fans commented, “Thank you so far”.

On the 1st, Watanabe announced that he would put an end to entertainment activities for health reasons through his production Ogi. On Twitter, which was updated on the same day, I retired from the entertainment industry, saying, “I left production Ogi, which was a private affair but has been indebted for many years as of May 31, and left the entertainment business.” did.

Continuing, Watanabe said, “Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the project so far, and to everyone who supported us!” “The world is still in a difficult situation, but please be careful of your body.” This post was flooded with comments from fans, “Thank you so far”, “Thank you for your hard work” and “Please take a rest”. As of 18:30 on the 1st, RT has received a great response with 30,000 RTs and more than 120,000 likes.

Did you feel sick?

Mayu Watanabe retired from the entertainment world.

I haven’t had many opportunities to watch it on TV lately.

There may have been some places where I was not feeling well.

Especially idols and former idols

Because the pushing up from the bottom is intense

To establish a position and maintain popularity

It’s very difficult.

In a way, even if it looks cute, it might become a full block.

However, now the TV has stopped

It’s an era of big success on the internet,

I quit the entertainment office immediately,

It may be smarter to distribute the video for free.

If it was Mayu Watanabe class

You should expect to attract enough customers.



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