On July 10th, the production jinrikisha of his affiliated office announced that Watanabe Ken (47), a comedy duo un-jash, will refrain from performing arts activities for the time being.

On the official website of the office, “We will report the following regarding our affiliation and Ken Watanabe. First of all, this report causes a great deal of inconvenience to everyone involved and those who support us. We deeply apologize for what you have done.”

He continued, “In response to this report, I decided to refrain from activities for the time being.”

In addition, Watanabe also said, “Regarding this report, it is a place of my immorality, it deeply hurt my family, and it causes a great deal of trouble to everyone who is related to work and who support me usually. I am very sorry that I made a call. I also explained to my wife and apologized,” he said in a comment.

Regarding Watanabe, “Weekly Bunharu Digital” delivered on the 10th reported affair with multiple women. Watanabe acknowledged the facts through his office on the 9th of the previous day and offered to the commercial broadcasters to refrain from appearing on regular programs.

Is it difficult to return?

Unjaw Watanabe became self-restraint.

There are still many mysterious details about the details,

It seems that you have caught an affair with a sexy actress.

Some even claimed to have had an affair with multiple women.

Well, I don’t think it would be strange for Honey Trap to become a business, but

It’s true that Watanabe himself has troubled his family and staff.

It means that there is no room for rebuttal.

Watanabe is a comedian title,

Because he was a type of talent who could hardly take a laugh,

Is there a place to stay after returning?

It’s like that.

The image is also the worst, isn’t it a very fatal state?



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