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On the 19th, the Johnny’s Office announced that NEWS Yuya Tegoshi (32) will leave the office on the same date as reported in this paper. Along with this, Tegoshi will discontinue all regular programs, such as Nippon Television’s “Itte Q! 24 days after receiving an indefinite suspension of activity on May 26. It was a leaving play in which the gap between Tegoshi and the office was not filled.

The office reported at about 6:30 pm on the official day on the official website, “We had a discussion with Yuya Tegoshi about the termination of the exclusive contract and today we will cancel the exclusive contract.” The remaining 3 members of NEWS also posted a video message on the fan club site at the same time and announced that they would continue their group activities. On the other hand, Tegoshi did not announce any comments through the office, leaving the impression that the gap between the two remained unfilled.

The office did not say, “We have not answered anything related to the contract,” regarding the process of leaving. In the coverage of this paper, Tegoshi has long expressed an interest in the food and beverage industry and the real estate industry and hoped to “become a businessman.” Meanwhile, it was discovered that he repeatedly went out under the declaration of an emergency following the spread of the new coronavirus. He was removed from the membership of “Twenty★Twenty”, a unit for a limited time, in which almost all Johnny’s talents participated, and he was banned from the office for indefinite activity on May 26.

Tegoshi is repulsive to such a response. He set up a lawyer and prepared not to take a step back, and asked the office to leave. The office side may again cause problems such as going out under the declaration of emergency, and it is judged that it is useless for other talents. A TV station official who knew the situation said, “It seems that the office was a big disappointment because it has protected Mr. Tegoshi who has been enthusiastic about weekly magazines with female scandals etc.”

Can’t the discussion proceed?

Yuya Tegoshi was discharged.

It feels like you’ve wasted your established position.

I stopped doing it that way,

Can you survive in the entertainment world?

If you get the impression that you ignore the contract

As a TV production side

It should be very difficult to use.



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