Djokovic infected‼

Novak Djokovic (33) = Serbia = 1st in the world ranking of men’s tennis made a statement on the official website of the charity tournament held until the 21st in his home country on the 23rd, and made a positive response to the new coronavirus test Revealed what was shown.

There were no symptoms, and he entered self-isolation for 14 days.

Among the participants in the charity tournament, three players including Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria), who ranked 19th in the world, and the trainer were also positive. Djokovic apologized, “I am very sorry about each infection.” “I held the tournament when the virus weakened and believed that the conditions were met. Unfortunately, the virus existed,” he added. Her wife, Elena, also said she was infected.

Even if you’re careful?

Djokovic was infected with the new coronavirus.

A top athlete,

Since the new Corona is spreading this much,

I don’t think I wasn’t careful,

After all, it may be in a position where contact with many people is inevitable.




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