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The talent Yukina Kinoshita (32), who announced his refraining from performing arts activities on November 18, last year, announced that he will resume his activities through his office, Platinum Production, on the 1st.

The office I belong to wrote in writing, “Yuki Kinoshita refrained from performing all activities as of November 18th last year, but today, on July 1st, he will resume his entertainment activities. “I would like to express my sincere apologies to the other party, all the parties concerned, and all the fans for the inconvenience,” he once again apologized. Regarding Kinoshita, “I deeply regret that I have acted extremely inappropriately and rudely to the general public,” he said. “Our company also discussed with Yukina Kinoshita and told him the same person. As a member of society and as a talented person, I always acted with awareness, and rigorously taught me again and again not to cause any inconvenience to those around me.” Continuing with the background, he continued, “Yuki Kinoshita seriously accepts that there are harsh opinions about the return, and we are keenly aware that it is not easy to recover the trust that was once lost, but in the future. We will do our best to restore the lost trust not to mention such a situation again, and we would appreciate your understanding.” Kinoshita also announced his comments. “This time, I’m very sorry as a member of society and as an entertainer, because of my lack of awareness and consideration, I am inconvenienced to the people involved and fans.” “I’m very sorry to all of you who made me feel uncomfortable. During my self-restraint in the entertainment industry, I have spent many days thinking about various things, reconsidering myself and reflecting on myself,” he said. I just want to do my best to do what I can do right in front of me.” In Kinoshita, it was discovered last year that he had sent a direct message of threatening to the owner of the tapioca store where his sister was working, and the flames centered on the Internet. I apologized through Instagram on October 9th of the same year, but through the office on November 18th, “I deeply regret my behavior and decided to refrain from performing arts activities for the time being.” Announced. ■Full comment from Yukina Kinoshita I am very sorry that I was an adult and an entertainer, but I lacked my own awareness and attention, and caused inconvenience to the people involved and fans. Also, I’m really sorry to everyone who made me feel uncomfortable. While refraining from performing arts activities, I have spent many days thinking about various things, receiving a lot of opinions, reconsidering myself and reflecting on myself. I can’t thank all the fans who have been doing their best to do what they can right now and continue to convey their encouraging feelings. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you for starting from today.

Can’t it?

Yukina Kinoshita seems to be back in business.

While the turmoil is still unsolved

You can often return.

Well, there is already no demand

Do you do something like YouTube, which is in fashion right now?

The world will not forgive you easily.



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