Retired from the entertainment world

On July 6, Platinum Production, an affiliated office of the talent, Yukina Kinoshita (32), who announced the resumption of activities on July 1, announced the retirement of Kinoshita’s entertainment world.

On the website, “Our company, Yukina Kinoshita, announced that we will resume activities on July 1, but as we continue to carefully discuss future activities, we will be able to maintain a trusting relationship with him in the future. We decided that it was extremely difficult and received an offer from the person himself, so the exclusive management contract was canceled and Yukina Kinoshita retired from the entertainment world.” “I have been working with Yukina Kinoshita for 14 years, and as a result of these results, I am very reluctant and I am keenly aware of my responsibility as a management company.” “I am very sorry to all the fans and stakeholders who have supported Yukina Kinoshita for many years, and I am very grateful for your understanding.” I called. In Kinoshita, last year it turned out that he was sending a direct message of threatening to the owner of the tapioca store where his older sister worked, and the flames centered on the Internet. I apologized on Instagram on October 9th of the same year, but on November 18th through the office “I deeply regret my behavior and decided to refrain from performing arts activities for the time being.” Announced. Restarting activities on the 1st of this month. At that time, along with the words of apology, “I have spent many days refraining from my entertainment activities, thinking about various things, reconsidering myself and reflecting on myself. Now I can do what I can do before my eyes. I would like to do my best with all my strength.” Note that Kinoshita’s Instagram has already been deleted because the account has been deleted.

Was it impossible?

It seems that Yukina Kinoshita has retired.

I just announced the return to the entertainment world the other day,

After all, the headwind should have been great.

Well, even an entertainer who is normally clean

It’s a difficult situation to get out,

It is impossible for people who have not solved the problem to return.




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