Shop closed‼

ROLAND (27), a charismatic host, announced on the 9th that he will close the host club “THE CLUB” that he runs on his Instagram.

ROLAND, who has been working as a host while continuing to work on TV and magazines, said, “I am informed to everyone. It would be a little longer, but I would appreciate it if you could have a relationship. It’s sudden, but this time the host club I run” We are pleased to announce that we will close THE CLUB because we have determined that it is difficult to secure the safety of our staff and operate it so that our customers can be delighted under the current world situation.” Employees say that they are urging them to move to companies other than the host business they run, “Withdrawing from the host business considering the customers who have been solicited and the staff who have dreamed about the host industry. I had a pain in my chest, but I was worried about various things, and I came to such a decision,” he explained. “Of course, my passion for the host industry hasn’t disappeared. I want to try THE CLUB again someday. From that thought, I’d like to cancel the property I’ve already contracted for as an expansion store to the extent possible. I will continue to pay the empty rent without paying,” he said, “For me, not to let this property go is the only way to show my love for the host, and I feel that it is a proof of my identity. The host is everything for me,” he said. ”I am sorry for spelling it out for a long time. If the world someday calms down, I will definitely do THE CLUB together again. I have told the staff so”. “I think it’s a difficult time for everyone as well, but I will never give up whatever I do,” he added, saying “I’m sorry, but for the last time, people who were damaged by the new Corona. I would like to pray for the early recovery and good luck of all of you, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the medical staff for their daily efforts. We will continue to make donations, etc. Let’s do our best together. I will do my best.”

Famous but tough?

The Roland host club has closed.

In the world where this coronavirus is spreading

You can see the strictness of the management of the named town at night.

Even so famous people can’t do it

Normal host clubs are pretty tough.

I don’t personally use the city at night so

I don’t want to bail out, but

I want you to do your best.

Probably rent and pricing

Much more aggressive than normal commercial activities

When it’s useless, it’s probably a big damage in a moment.



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