Youngest title

Shogi Satoshi Fujii Sei (17), who won the first title at the youngest age of 17 years and 11 months, held a meeting on July 17 at a dawn after a feat and said, “Shogi is a really difficult game. , I want to go up to the board.” I was not satisfied with the big result and aimed for further growth. The main questions and answers are as follows.

-Impression after dawn I haven’t really realized the acquisition of the game of Ki. I think it was a very good experience for me to be able to fight the fifth match with Professor Akira Watanabe this time. -For reporting to family, I reported my family by phone. I think that you were pleased. I think my family knew the result, so nothing special from me. I was told that it was good. Call my mother. -About the teacher, Masataka Sugimoto Hachidan: I think the teacher was very pleased to be present at the conference, and the other day there was a master-pupil battle in the Dragon King game, but he said “I want you to do your best in the Dragon King game”. It was. -About the reason why I was disappointed as “inquiry” on the colored paper: I was able to win the title this time, but I think that shogi is a really difficult game, and even if I take this position, I still do not know, so I will continue to pursue I want to go up to the board. -I’m used to being called “Fujii Kisei” I feel that I’m not used to it at the moment, but I’d like to study the behavior of a title holder. -The successive “junior high school players” have all been active, such as winning the title. I was not very aware of that. Since all the players who have become really strong players have a great track record, I think it would have been nice to be closer. I hope I can grow up by seeing the attitude of my seniors. -Is the title acquisition earlier or later than the “Future Prediction” that I drew? At the stage when I became a player, I was aiming for the title, but it was quite a long way away, so I became a player. I think that the experience and growth that I gained over three and a half years led to this result. -Enthusiasm for the throne fighting challenge I think that there were many situations in which I was struggling with the powerful move of the Kimura (one) throne by pointing to two stations in the throne fight so far. I would like to reflect on that and refer to shogi with good content after the third station. -The part where I felt my growth I think I was able to find an opportunity for my shogi, as I had the opportunity to compete with the top shogi players. In particular, I think that I could have grown from the time of my debut, especially in the middle of the game. -For elementary school students who are working hard on shogi I feel that I have been engaged in what I like, I am connected to this point, so I want you to do my best to do what you like I think

Ability once every 100 years?

Sota Fujii became the first title.

At the young age of 17, he achieved an amazing achievement.

I’ve already come to a great place,

The world of shogi

Can it grow stronger over the years?

Can you keep strength?

It is an area that is not understood by amateurs.



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