New corona infection!

It was discovered on the 17th that comedian and musician Hanawa (43) was infected with the new coronavirus. The affiliated office announced on the same day.

The affiliated office announced the title “Our company’s talent is infected with the new coronavirus of Hanano”. “It was confirmed on July 16th that our company’s entertainer, Hanawa, was infected with the new coronavirus.” “Since it was discovered that our manager in charge of Hanawa was infected with a new type of coronavirus, I immediately had the person to undergo the test and received a diagnosis result that it was infected,” he explained. It seems that Hanawa himself has no symptoms at all, and he says, “Currently, I do not have any symptoms such as maintaining normal heat and feeling unwell, but I am trying to treat according to the instructions of the public health center and experts.” “We will continue to prevent infection of new coronaviruses and prevent their spread under the supervision of a team of experts and administrative agencies, with the highest priority being the prevention of infections of employees, staff and everyone concerned.” We sincerely apologize for all the worries and inconvenience caused to everyone involved.”

Spread of infection?

Hanawa’s new corona positive was discovered.

Even if you look at the condition of the entertainer

You can see the spread of the new corona infection.

Hana itself is asymptomatic, so

It’s spreading even if you don’t have any awareness

I think there are so many people.



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