Will it end in March?

Program officials talk.

“I’m very keen on the Olympics and have been interviewing every time in “Tokudane!”, Ogura-san always said, “I want to continue the program until the Tokyo Olympics.” Even if I jokingly said, “It seems that the upper level of the program was discussing whether it would end in September of this year after the Tokyo Olympics.”

However, the situation surrounding the program has changed due to the postponement of the Olympics in Corona.

“In order to cut production costs, Fuji started to review programs that pay a high-priced gala to cut production costs due to the impact of corona. First of all, Yuko Ando was the host of a direct hit. It was decided to end LIVE Goody in September.Ogura-san was told that Tokudane! will be discontinued in March next year when it was reported in early July when the end of Goody! was reported. If Fuji was tough,” he said, he decided to retire without waiting for the Olympics.”

Regarding the end of “Tokudane!”, Ogura’s office replied, “I can’t answer whether or not there was such a story. Ask Fuji TV.”

Fuji Television’s public relations department replied, “We have not answered the details of the program.”


Production cost reduction?

There are rumors about the end of money.

Although it is not yet finalized,

There is credibility because it is such news.

If you are planning a new band program after the end,

There are castings for successors, so

It may be a time when it is not unusual for the end to be confirmed.



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