Affair and divorce!

It was revealed on the 31st that the actress An (34) and the actor Masahiro Higashide (32) divorced.

The two were married on the first day of the 15th year of the year, when they were associated with each other after playing the role of a married couple in the NHK TV novel “Gochiso-san” in the second half of 2013. He had three children, the eldest daughter and second daughter of a twin in May 2016, and the eldest son in November 2017, but in January of this year Tode was found to have an affair with actress Erika Karata (22), and they are separated. It became clear.

Kyo apologized for the first time at an event in February, saying, “I have small children, so I want to think about it slowly.” Higashide also apologized to Kyou when he interviewed after the event in March, saying, “I’m sorry to betray him.” Karata, an affair partner in Higashide, has also suspended activities after being reported.

Tode appeared remotely on the opening day greeting of the movie “Confidence Man JP Princess” released on July 23. At this time, he did not mention the issue of separation. An has been decided to appear in the Japanese version dubbed voice actor “Adams Family” released in September.

Couldn’t it be repaired?

Anzu and Masahiro Higashide have divorced.

I was wondering if it could be repaired, but it was impossible.

When you see an apricot on a commercial

The product is better than

Alas, how are you?

Because it will be a line of sight,

As an actress, it’s completely obstructive.

To be married in the morning drama

It’s the best story.

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