Utahiroba [Infection]‼

On June 6th, it was announced on the official website that the visual air band Jun Utahiroba (34) of Golden Bomber was infected with the new coronavirus. On the same day, Utahiroba and members updated their blogs and SNS and said that there were no symptoms such as fever, but there was a shock on the Internet.

On the official website, it was announced on August 6 that the member of the Golden Bomber, Jun Utahiroba, was infected with the new coronavirus, and “We measured the body temperature on August 4″. At that time, I measured 37.5 degrees, so I canceled the scheduled work after that, under the guidance of the hospital, I got a PCR test on the 5th the next day, and the infection was found today on the 6th.” Explanation. It is said that he has not been sick due to normal heat since the 5th. Members and managers also underwent PCR, but were negative.

Utahiroba also updated the blog on the same day, saying, “In addition to the usual prevention of infection, I was also trying to take measures against the shooting of distribution programs and the live distribution to the unattended audience on the 1st of this month. I was very nervous.” In addition, he reported the latest behavior, revealing that he had a PCR test on the 28th of last month and had a negative report on the 29th of the following day.

The vocalist Sho Kiryuin (36) tweeted on Twitter, “I was relieved that I was not seriously ill for a while,” but I stroked my heart over the symptoms of Utahiroba, but “I was very surprised when I heard it. I’m nervous about taking measures against infection.” Golden Bomber is a corona sword with a reverse cover of the singer’s song “Self-restraint” of the representative song “Womanishite”, and in order to avoid contact between members, Kiryuin’s self-shooting video and illustration of free material site “Irasutoya” He has made actions and calls for new types of coronaviruses, such as producing composed music videos.


Even if you’re careful?

Infection of Utahiroba was discovered.

Even if you are careful, you can get infected in this way.

You can ask how strong the infectivity is.

Although the number of people infected with entertainment has increased considerably,

Is the number of announcements in Tokyo accurate?



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