Shoji is infected‼

Tomoharu Shoji (44), a comedy duo, Shoji Shinagawa, was announced on the website of his office that he was infected with the new coronavirus on the 14th.

On the website of Yoshimoto Kogyo of the office I belong to, “Shoji complained of poor physical condition on Wednesday, August 12, and as a result of undergoing PCR test on Thursday, 13th, it was diagnosed as positive on 14th (Friday). I am currently standing by at home and waiting for instructions from the public health center.” “Our company will take appropriate action according to the guidance as soon as the public health center’s judgment, such as the date of onset and the determination of the number of people with heavy contact, is indicated.

After the office was announced, Shoji updated his Twitter account. “As my office announced, I had fever and dizziness on the night of the 12th, I had a PCR test on the 13th, and I got a positive diagnosis today. I would always take infection prevention measures. However, I feel that I should have strengthened myself,” he continued.

On top of that, “I am currently waiting at home while following the instructions of the public health center and medical institutions. I am worried and annoyed the people who support me and the people concerned. And it is possible for family infections. We will respond promptly and take countermeasures. We will also report the progress.”

Celebrity risk?

Shoji’s infection was discovered.

For the past month or so, there has been a great deal of infection by people related to the entertainment industry.

While taking measures for TV programs

It is gradually revived.

Although it is an image like

I feel that the threat of corona is getting stronger and stronger.

Because the Japanese government has issued an emergency declaration

It was a translation that everyone restrained themselves,

The real risk of corona is

Maybe now

It may be further ahead.




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