Koji Kato ends contract with office!

Koji Kato (51), a comedy duo and Gokuraku Tombo, made a live appearance on the NTV morning information program “Sukiri” (Monday-Friday 8:00 pm) on the 10th, and Yoshimoto Kogyo was announced yesterday. He explained in his own words about the termination of the agent contract with.

At the beginning of the program, Kato cut out “Is it okay to take some personal time?” And reported in his own words, “The agent contract with Yoshimoto will not be extended.”

It seems that March was the time to renew the contract, and he emphasized that “Yoshimoto Kogyo told me that the contract will not be extended. Since it can be said that both parties will not extend the contract, it is not a breach of the contract.” .. “Since it was an agent contract that I had invented, I wanted to continue, but if the company told me not to extend the contract, I couldn’t say no. It’s gone. “

Kato himself was surprised at the offer to terminate the contract. “I’m surprised, or there’s something like’Is that so’,” he said. “Therefore, I’m thinking about various things, and I’m thinking of starting anew from here. Let’s create a company. I’m thinking, “he said in the future. “Since’refreshing’will continue after this, I told Haruna and Mito (who graduated from the program) that they had a new start, but in fact I also started a new start in April,” he said. It was.


Koji Kato was cut into a wonderful family because he was influential in his remarks | ω ・)



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