Michopa has a boyfriend‼

In February of this year, a new popular person was added to a luxury condominium in Tokyo where many entertainers live. Miyu Ikeda (22 years old), also known as “Michopa”, is a charismatic gal model who ranked 4th in the female talent category in the 2020 TV program appearance ranking.

She professed that Michopa had previously lived in the same apartment as her mother and she lived in a room next to each other. She seems to have moved with her mother again, but she wasn’t the only one to come with her.


“Michopa has a boyfriend who has been dating for a long time, but I started living with him in a new house. My mother also lives in a different room in the same apartment, so I’m a parent-approved friend. , Shimon Ohkura (28 years old) “(Michopa’s acquaintance)

Okura is from Kyoto prefecture and once belonged to Johnny’s office. There was a time when she was active as a member of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Although he left Johnny’s office when he went to college, he quickly became popular when he was scouted as a reader model by the fashion magazine “Popteen” for teenage girls. It’s a handsome guy who has won first place in the “model” questionnaire.

In mid-March, this magazine, Josei Seven, has repeatedly confirmed the appearance of Michopa and Okura entering and exiting the new house.

In “London Hearts” (TV Asahi) broadcast on February 16th, Michopa talked about her own view of love, she said, “I never have a hitomebore. I suddenly like her friends.” I’m talking. As the word says, the encounter between the two dates back eight years.

In 2013, Michopa, who was a junior high school student at the time, made her debut as a reader model in a separate volume of “Popteen” in which Okura is active. She “promoted” Michopa to her exclusive model from the July issue of the following year, and she rushed to the popular model on the cover. The two charismatic models have more opportunities to work together.

In 2015, she co-starred in the music video of the music unit “ROYALcomfort” and played the role of a lover to her heartbreaking song.
This “good performance” is so real that dating has long been rumored online. Each time, the two denied that they had a “brother-sister-like relationship,” but it seems that they had developed into a lover relationship.

“I think it was about three years ago. It seems that Michopa approached me and I got along with her. She’s misunderstood by her appearance, but I can’t help but see him. In front of me, I’m a maiden. It seems that I have more opportunities to write lovely messages on photos taken with my smartphone and cook for him. “

Last fall, there was an incident in which the relationship between the two was unintentionally “clarified.”

“On October 14, last year, the agency announced that Mr. Okura was infected with the new corona, but on that night, Mr. Michopa said,” Close contact with the infected person was confirmed. It was announced that the event that was scheduled to appear the next day was postponed. “

Some fans who were thinking about the relationship between the two were saying, “Is it a couple infection?”


Yuki Poyo dropped out, so she became one of Michopa’s strengths | ω ・)




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