Ariyoshi gets married

It was revealed on the 2nd that popular comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi (46) and free announcer Miku Natsume (36) got married.

Submit a marriage registration in Tokyo on April Fool’s Day. Through her agency that night, she announced in a jointly-named handwritten fax that she “married on April 1st.”

First of all, Ariyoshi started writing “I’m a little embarrassed because it’s not in the pattern …” and reported the marriage on the 1st. “In the future, we will work together to build a calm and happy family,” he renewed his determination.

Then Natsume confessed her feelings, “I am married to Mr. Ariyoshi and I feel the utmost joy and happiness.” Ariyoshi once again concludes, “I will cherish the future days slowly, but I would like to live my life together firmly …”. The two met together on TV Asahi’s “Matsuko & Ariyoshi’s Angry New Party,” which was broadcast from April 2011. It was a goal in just 10 years after the encounter.

As expected, Ariyoshi didn’t live with a doll | ω ・)




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