All members graduate!

On the 18th, Tacoyaki Rainbow, a 5-member idol group from Kansai that belongs to Stardust Promotion, performed a free live distribution live “Thank you Tacoyaki Rainbow” on YouTube, and announced that all 5 members will graduate.

Tacoyaki Rainbow is a 5-member group consisting of Saki Kiyoi, Kurumi Hori, Karen Negishi, Mayi Haruna, and Saki Ayaki. All five will graduate with the free live “Over the Tacoyaki Rainbow” scheduled to be held at Nanko ATC in Osaka on May 9.

On the official website, after graduating from 5 people, he explained, “While continuing individual entertainment activities, we plan to launch a new project with 5 people after the charging period.” “We will announce future developments one by one. The Tacoyaki Rainbow, nicknamed” Tacoyaki Rainbow, “follows Stardust Promotion’s Momoiro Clover Z, Private Ebisu Junior High School, and Chimusha Chihoko (currently TEAM SHACHI). Formed as a group by seven people in September 2012. In April 2016, they made their major debut from Avex with the single “Nanairo Dance”.

All idols graduate | ω ・)



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